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Appointment of Jennifer Carroll-MacNeill T.D. as Minister of State

Posted on: 22 Dec 2022

The ILCU wishes to congratulate Minister Carroll-MacNeill on her appointment as Minister of State with responsibility for Financial Services, Credit Unions and Insurance. The creation of this post by the Government in 2020, together with strong, clear commitments to credit unions in the Programme for Government, has facilitated a much better conversation between Government and credit unions. 

Looking ahead, there is much work to be done. Specifically, the commitment in the Programme for Government to “enable the credit union movement to grow as a key provider of community banking in the country”, requires deep engagement with stakeholders, including the Central Bank, on how a membership owned and led platform for community banking would operate, is required.  The Retail Banking Review also supports the opportunity for the credit union sector to transform into a community based provider of universal retail banking products and services.

On the basis of the Programme for Government, the Retail Banking Review and the Credit Union (Amendment) Bill, with a dedicated Minister, the ILCU believes we are at the beginning of change that will empower people, and increase the reach of a movement that is already deeply embedded and widely respected in communities across Ireland.

The ILCU has invited Minister Carroll-MacNeill to meet with us at her earliest convenience and we look forward to working together so that the credit union sector is enabled to realise its full potential.