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The Credit Union Launch New Financial Education Resource for Primary Schools

Posted on: 21 Sep 2021

The Credit Union is delighted to launch primary school resource: ‘Start Money Smart’, with online educational company, Twinkl.

‘Start Money Smart’ is a financial education resource aimed at teachers and parents of children at all primary schools levels across the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It has been developed with Twinkl Ireland in-line with the curriculum subjects of maths, history and SPHE or personal development.

The resource, tailored for each class level, explains finance in a fun, easy to follow, and engaging format. It teaches students how money works with interactive activities, real-life scenarios, problem solving and story-telling. It also allows them to explore their relationship with money so they can make more informed decisions.

Start Money Smart has been designed for delivery by teachers in a classroom setting. Parents can also download the resource on the Twinkl website, for fun activities at home with children.

Topics covered in Start Money Smart include:

· Money and maths

· Earning money

· Budgeting, spending and saving

· Impulse buying vs investing

· Financial literacy

· The History of a credit union and how it works

These areas are taught through interactive and engaging exercises such as planned activities, loop and prompt cards, word searches, quizzes, board games, fact files and worksheet challenges.

Parents and teachers can access the free resources on Twinkl.ie (ROI) or Twinkl.co.uk (NI) ,  by searching 'Start Money Smart.'

Paul Bailey, ILCU Head of Communications said:

“We are well aware of the importance of teaching children about money, and the growing importance of financial literacy. Teaching children about financial education at a young is of huge benefit. We hope that Start Money Smart will be an invaluable resource for teachers and parents alike and will enable them to give children a head start on their financial education journey.”


Robert O’Reilly, Chairperson, National Youth Committee said:

‘The Start Money Smart is a brilliant new resource for primary school children. Starting financial education from an early age sets the foundation to make more informed financial decisions as the grow up. Start Money Smart has been developed for use by teachers in the classroom and for parents to have fun activities at home with their children. I would encourage all Credit Unions to direct teachers and parents to this resource by registering on Twinkl.ie.’