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  4 Reasons your Home is Cold and how to fix them

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26 Apr 2021

House2GreenerHome – Your Complete Guide to Energy Efficient Home Improvements 

As part of our House2GreenerHome series, where we’ll be providing guidance on improving the warmth and energy efficiency of your home, we asked Roisin Murphy, architect and interior designer and presenter of RTE’s Home Rescue - who told us four of the most common culprits of heat loss in your home.

1. Doors and Windows

"Doors and windows are one of the most common areas in which we lose heat in the house. You can add seals to stop the air leaking out through the gaps or you can even upgrade the glass. You can go from single, double, triple glazed or even argon filled thermal windows – there are many ways in which you can make your house air tight, warmer and brigher".


2. The Attic

"The attic is one of the biggest areas of heat loss in the home. We always say heat from the top down – put your hat on – so insulate your attic. You can do it in very simple ways, insulating the trap door, putting an insulating tent up there, but also you can complete retrofit and insulate your attic and it is well worth doing".


3. The Heating System

"You may have a heating system but it may not be working efficiently for you. It may be heating at the wrong time and in the wrong areas, so think about introducing zoned heating into your home. And also a really simple fix, is to make sure that your furniture isn’t pushed up tight against the radioators so the warm air can circulate around the house".


4. The Floor

"Another culprit of heat loss in the house is the floor. Often, it’s because it hasn’t been insulated before it went down or because it’s badly fitted. But there are ways in which you can fix it. There are quick fixes such as putting a nice big rug down and that looks great as well or you can also take up the floor and insulate the slab or indeed, put an electric underfloor heating system down under the laminate floor and that can be wired back into your house".

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