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8 valuable investments for your garden

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27 Jul 2020

A garden can add huge value to your overall house. That’s why investing in it is really pays off. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when making improvements to your garden. Where to invest and what will last is important to think about. To help you with those descisions our lastest blog which is part of our House2Home series, pulls together our top 8 most valuable investments for your garden.


No matter how well you get on with your neighbours, a bit of privacy is always good. Installing a fence around your garden can allow you this privacy, while also adding backdrops to your garden. Fencing can be painted varnished in any colour and style to suit the look and feel of your garden. Choosing the right material for encing is important as you want it to be long lasting and durable to Irish weather. It may be worth investing in a professional fencing company to carry out the installation.

     2. Evergreen plants

Looking after your garden can become a full time job if you don’t invest in the right plants and shrubs. Evergreeen plants keep their colour and shape throughout the year. These plants are an asset to any garden as they avoid any autum orange and yellow shedding that may occur. Choosing evergreen plants and trees can keep your garden looking vibrant and lush throughout the year. 

3. Structural plants

Thick growing shrubs that offer good ground cover are a fantastic way to make sure your garden looks mature and stays healthy. Along with evergreen plants, the structural plants can make for a long lasting lush garden for you to enjoy. Structural plants also add a focus point to your garden, allowing you to build around and create an oasis of colour and greens. 

4. Pergolas

Gardens are great, but lets face it, Irish weather can always have the last laugh. Adding a covering to your garden can allow you to enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather. Covering come in all shapes, sizes and designs from large garden coverings to small seating areas. Pergolas are a nice way to add covering to your outdoor space while also allowing you to add colour, lighting and seating to any area of your garden.

5. Cooking area

Investing in an outdoor cooking area can add huge value to your garden.  This could be from simply just investing in a good quality barbeque to adding an entire cooking area to your outdoor space. A barbeque is a real investment and having the enough space for it is just as important. Locating it in close proximity to your house will allow seamless transitions from grill to plate! Reliable barbeques never go out of style or stop being useful.

6. Outdoor heating

From an outdoor firepit to outdoor heaters, transporting the indoors outside adds huge value to your garden. As previously mentioned, you can never guarantee Irish weather to be in your corner, so adding some heat to your outdoor sanctuary, allows you to enjoy your garden, whatever the weather.

7. Patio or decking

Installing a patio or decking area in your garden creates the perfect space for sitting or cooking in your garden. This area can go hand in hand with the previously mention pergola and cooking area. It can also feature any outdoor heating accessories you may have.

8. Creation

Investing in the creation of your garden and all of the previously mentioned aspects, is important to get right. The most valuable investment for you could be to hire a professional garden designer to organize your garden, to ensure the maximum space

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