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Buying a car in a pandemic - O'Regan Motors

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24 Feb 2021

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As with everything due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the way you buy a car has changed. And with the constant changing nature of restrictions, it is difficult to sometimes comprehend what these restrictions mean for different areas of society.

The normality of a Saturday morning visit to a car dealership, to take a look at the make and models  on offer, and mulling over what car you should eventually go for, is a thing of the past, for the moment anyway.
The shift to online car sales has sky rocketed over the last number of months, and a dealership who are all too familiar with this new way of doing business are O’Regan Motors, located in Newcastle, Co.Dublin.

We sat down with owner and founder of O’Regan Motors, Darragh O’Regan, where we chatted about how business has changed, how they have adapted to the new world we find ourselves in and what you can do if you’re in the market for a car, anywhere in Ireland! And you know what else you can find anywhere in Ireland? Your local credit union!
Darragh notes the drastic changes in business since the very start of the pandemic, but his team have adapted their business to meet the needs of their customers. 

“Business has changed significantly, especially under the current Level 5 restrictions. These restrictions have thankfully allowed us to keep opening and operating. However we have had to really adjust the way we operate. This new way of operating is on a "Deal & Deliver" basis. Which means sales are made through virtual means only and our team here at O’Regan Motors will deliver the car to you”.

This ‘Deal and Deliver’ service has ensured the team at O’Regan Motors have kept their busy schedules intact.
Darragh says, “We have been actively promoting our "Deal & Deliver" service which to date has been very successful, and as result we are delighted to be in a position to keep all of our staff employed throughout the uncertain times".

But what does buying a car virtually actually mean? Darragh explains the process of virtually buying a car through O’Regan motors.

“Once a customer has enquired online or by phone, we will arrange a detailed video walkthrough of the car. Customers can view all of our available stock through our social media channels, and through our website where we showcase the cars, and their details, regularly. We find this helps our customers get the feel of our dealership, from the comfort of their own home”.

Darragh also notes the increasing demand for electric and hybrid cars. This increase is noticeable particularly in the last number of years.

“We have seen an increase in demand for electric and hybrid vehicles and we always try to keep a good range of these vehicles in stock, to give our customers a wide range of choices when they come to us”.

As with everything at present, there are some delays, however the team at O’Regan motors are hard at work to ensure business is, as usual as possible. Darragh describes some delays with external services, such as NCT’s or the wait for new parts being longer, however, this is factored in to the conversations with their customers.Customers can also trade in their old car while purchasing a new one with O’Regan motors.

While business has adapted, the service for consumers is still available. The team at O'Regan's offer a full car repair workshop and valet which is open to customers during this time.They also offer a special 30% discount on car servicing and valet for frontline workers.

Check out O’Regan Motors today or find them on Instagram or Facebook
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