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Five Affordable Ways to Improve your Garden

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09 Jul 2020

A garden can make or break a house. From green grass to patios, colourful flowers to garden furniture, every garden is unique to its owner. Creating a space that suits you and your lifestyle is important. The cost of creating your dream garden may put you off, but garden’s can been created cost effectively, stick to your budget set out while also creating the garden you want!

As part of our House2Home series, we’ve created 5 affordable ways to improve your garden. Of course you know where your local credit union are, should you need a helping hand. Either way our latest tips may give you some inspiration for your garden.

  1. Paint

You’ll be surprised by how much a lick of paint can change and area. In a garden, painting fencing can create a backdrop for your garden features. Painting a fence black can create the perfect setting for colourful flowers to bloom. This can also be used as a centre piece in your garden, drawing visitor’s eyes to the pop of colour in full bloom.
You can also paint plant pots to create the same lasting effect. Contrasting dark colours like black with bright flowers creates a world of colour in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Upcycling

Upcycling is popular trend sweeping the world at the moment. With plenty of old unused furniture in houses around the country, re-purposing it for a new venture is a no brainer. Upcycling an old dressing table or outdoor ladder to create plant station, can bring your garden from zero to hero very quickly. You can check out more of our homemade garden ideas here.

  1. Indoor to outdoor

Indoor designs are slowly but surely making their way outside and have become a feature of many garden designs. Bringing a taste of the indoors outside allows you to continue a design or theme of your house further in your home. An affordable way to do this is to invest in outdoor rugs. Outdoor rugs can be bought in any design and can inject some personality into a space.

  1. Hanging baskets

Similar to our first point, hanging baskets can bring a pop of colour into a possibly dull space. The beauty of hanging baskets is they can go virtually anywhere you like and can be any colour and type you wish. Ready-made baskets are available to purchase, but creating your own allows you pick the theme and colours you prefer.

  1. Light it up

Adding some form of lighting in your garden will allow you to use your garden both night and day. Small outdoor fairy lights or garden light features can create the perfect atmosphere for summer evenings outside.
This story has been told as part of our House2Home series, delving into tips, tricks, trends and real stories. Find out more about our new series here