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Renovating your House? 4 Things You Need to Know

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29 Jun 2020

House2Home: The Complete Guide to Renovating or Redecorating

As part of our House2Home series, where we’ll be sharing expert advice on renovating and redecorating, we sat down with Roisin Murphy, architect and interior designer and presenter of RTE’s Home Rescue - who told us four big considerations to think about before embarking on your project.

 Filmed in SO Fine Art Gallery, Powerscourt Town House, Dublin.

1. Budget

‘There are four main issues that you need to think about before you head into your project. One: the big boy – money. One thing I would suggest is figuring out ways of splitting up your budget into bite-size chunks for things like windows, floors, or insulating your attic, then prioritising the largest, more important items first.'


2. Logistics

‘Number two is logistics - when does it best suit you for a project to happen? Do you have to be off-site for it, if it’s a lot of work? Do you need to go off on your summer holidays and take the kids away for the summer? You need to plan that as far back as the previous year sometimes - so making alternative arrangements is always key.'


3. Planning

'Number three is the planning requirements - the statutory requirements, like; do you need to get planning permission or can you do all of this without having to do it? You will need to get permission for items like velux windows in the front of your house - you may not realise when and where you need it.'


4. Neighbours

'And that leads nicely on to number four – the neighbours, don’t forget about them– because some neighbours are very tolerant, they don’t care what you do, because you’re going to return the favour perhaps – but some neighbours are very particular, so it’s nice to go in and give them a heads up about your plans.'

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