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Household Budget Template: Download Here

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01 May 2020

You know the perfect ones - the people who manage their life via excel. Their holiday to the south of Spain mapped into orderly categories like itinerary and accommodation, logistics. Meticulous planning is admirable but to many of us it may seem odd; overseeing life’s expenses the same way we would a business budget.

Our household items, bills, food – our daily dreams and indulgences rounded up, confined into neat lines, reduced to a number on a page. It may seem odd, but now is an odd time. For many families, they have to examine and manage finances in new ways, to comb through outgoings in finer detail. Even for those not affected finanicially by COVID-19, many are aware of the importance of being prepared, of having a stronger grip on the household budget.

Mapping out a household budget can seem daunting. To get started, have a look at our blog on how to manage a reduced household budget. To help, we’ve created a monthly budget planner for you to download and populate. It contains sections for most of your incomings and outgoings, from household rent to entertainment, food and pets. It also has projected and actual costs, as well as savings and loans. Amend as you see fit, but it could be a good place to get started. 

Download here

If you are struggling financially, please do contact your local credit union. We’re here to help.