Top bathroom trends for 2020

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15 Sep 2020

Trending bathroom ideas

Refreshing a bathroom doesn’t always require a total overhaul: it can be as simple as swapping the sink, the taps or bathroom wall lights! We took a look at the top bathroom trends for 2020 to keep in mind.

Brass taps and fixtures

Shades of brass and gold on sinks, toilets and anything else in the bathroom have become increasingly popular this year. A warmer alternative to chrome, brass is a great material for accessories and fixtures as it can bring a bit of a luxury and a refined feel to the bathroom. Brass also weathers very well which makes a lasting and durable choice.

Statement showers

Showers have become such an important part of our bathroom spaces and there the options available are ever increasing. Make an individual style statement by turning your one of the shower walls into a feature wall. This keeps the shower within the frame containing t, while giving it a designer edge.

Dark colours

Traditionally dark coloured rich dark walls have been confined to bedrooms and living rooms, but using dark colours in bathrooms has become a key trend. Popular takes on this trend include using ornate navy tiles, or you can take the trend head on and fill the entire bathroom with rich greens and blues. The rich colours go perfectly with this seasons other trend for brass and metallic finishings creating a luxurious look.


Tiles can make a big impact on a bathroom. Large bathroom tiles can offer a striking look while also providing a spacious feel. Embracing large tiles doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style or colour, however marble is particularly striking when creating a minimalist look. Another tile trend is diversifying tile textures. Changing the tiles in your shower or bath can give a space a much more rustic feel depending on the colors you wish to incorporate.

Another trend when tiling a bathroom is not to go for classic grey or white grout, instead think about a bolder colour. For a bold pop of colour go for a classic metro tile and then use blue or teal coloured grout to draw the eye to your tile design.

Wooden finishes

Bringing the outdoors in, hand-crafted wooden finishes can create a peaceful and tranquil surrounding in a bathroom. Various shades of wood can complement white, blue, green, and darker colored bathroom. Wood accents can also pair nicely with vintage and industrial trends.

At home spa sanctuary

Bathrooms don’t have to be for just washing your hair and in an age when we are busier than ever, a spa-like haven of relaxation is a necessity. Building on the mindfulness trend, embrace the bathroom as a spa room. From scented candles to luxury fittings, there is a host of ways you can kit your bathroom out with accessories to create a soothing environment that you will want to linger in.

Embrace a neutral colour scheme with pops of green house plants. Accessorise with candles, crystals and a wooden stool for lounging around on and don’t forget the include the bathroom accessory of 2020 if you have a bath!

Bathroom storage

Hidden cabinets, modern wall shelving, and vanity under space storage can allow the entire bathroom to feel more open and organised. Floating vanity units can serve to give the impression of more space by opening up the floor and give a contemporary option for a clean, sleek look

Modern LED Lighting

An easy and cheap way to upgrade your bathroom or any space is the inclusion of light fixtures. Even installing a small sconce light near a mirror can change the mood and lighting in the space. More efficient and longer-lasting LED lighting can be used in numerous ways to amplify your bathroom’s look.
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