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5 Interior Design Ideas: Roisin Murphy, Interior Designer

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07 Jul 2020

House2Home: The Complete Guide to Renovating or Redecorating

When you’re heading into a home renovation, where do you get your style and design ideas?
As part of our House2Home series, where we’ll be sharing advice and top tips on renovating and redecorating, we sat down with Roisin Murphy, architect and interior designer and presenter of RTE’s Home Rescue, who told us her favourite styles right now.

Click here to read Roisin’s four things you need to think about when planning a renovation, or here to read the main questions she always asked a client before starting any project. 

Filmed in SO Fine Art Gallery, Powerscourt Town House, Dublin.

1. Clear Space

'Well probably anybody who knows me I like a big clear out, I like an empty space, with just very simple beautiful things in it.'


2. Irish Design

'I love Irish design, anything, it can be a pot to a kitchen to a chair, I’m a big fan of all that kind of revolution of Irish art and craft that’s going on in the country at the moment, we’re at the top of our game.'

3. Sustainable Design & Upcycling

'The other thing I really like is sustainable deign, so that means upcycling – whether that means a kitchen that you’re making over or an armchair there’s nothing like having something that you’re breathing new life into and preventing lots of landfill.'

'Anything that has a story whether you’re painting a cabinet from oak to blue, I love it, it’s absolutely full of personality, and it gives your home real warmth.'


4. DIY

'DIY is a huge trend at the moment – people are getting down and dirty at the moment and they are making over their own space.'

5. Outdoor Vibes

'I have to say as well, if you’re stuck indoors, as many people are, I like to actually put a little bit of the outside inside, whether it’s a tree trunk a branch or any bit of the outside in, I love it in an I interior, it adds a bit of quirkiness and a bit of humour.'


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