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Category: Education

08 Oct 2020

Age Appropriate Financial Education for Children

Below are some insights and tips on age appropriate money topics to discuss with children

Education 6 min read

30 Sep 2020

7 Tools to Manage a Household Budget

If you want help to track your spending, here is a list of some budgeting tools that might help you to manage your money.

Education 4 min read

28 Sep 2020

15 Budgeting Myths That Are Holding You Back

Are you being held back from budgeting by some common misconceptions? There are some myth busters and tips that might help you get a firmer grasp on your finances.

Education 5 min read

24 Sep 2020

Feeling in Control of your Finances 

When it comes to our finances, having a feeling of control of your financial destiny can make a huge difference to our overall well-being.

Education 4 min read

23 Sep 2020

Money on your Mind Series

Feeling anxious about money and our finances can lead to poorer mental, physical and social well-being. However, there is a lot that we can do to feel more in control of our own situation

Education 2 min read

18 Sep 2020

 'It’s Like the Lotto': Kilkenny Student Wins CU Scholarship

Ronan Buckley tells us how the credit union scholarship helped when he needed it most

Education 2 min read

16 Sep 2020

Mature Student Grants and Supports

Grants and supports available to mature students

Education 2 min read

26 Aug 2020

'Credit Union Scholarship Opened Door to my Dream Job'

Physiotherapist student Alan O'Connor: HSSCU scholarship changed my life

Education 2 min read

24 Aug 2020

Back to School Money Saving Tips

8 top ways to cut costs on the back to school shopping list. 

Education 6 min read