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Category: Education

24 Sep 2020

Feeling in Control of your Finances 

When it comes to our finances, having a feeling of control of your financial destiny can make a huge difference to our overall well-being.

Education 4 min read

23 Sep 2020

Money on your Mind Series

Feeling anxious about money and our finances can lead to poorer mental, physical and social well-being. However, there is a lot that we can do to feel more in control of our own situation

Education 2 min read

18 Sep 2020

 'It’s Like the Lotto': Kilkenny Student Wins CU Scholarship

Ronan Buckley tells us how the credit union scholarship helped when he needed it most

Education 2 min read

16 Sep 2020

Mature Student Grants and Supports

Grants and supports available to mature students

Education 2 min read

02 Sep 2020

Student Loans: All Your Questions Answered

The most frequently asked questions around student loans

Education 3 min read

26 Aug 2020

'Credit Union Scholarship Opened Door to my Dream Job'

Physiotherapist student Alan O'Connor: HSSCU scholarship changed my life

Education 2 min read

24 Aug 2020

Back to School Money Saving Tips

8 top ways to cut costs on the back to school shopping list. 

Education 6 min read

21 Aug 2020

20 Credit Union Bursaries and Scholarships for Students

A list of educational funds to support students 

Education 4 min read

21 Apr 2020

Becoming a home-school hero

Feeling like you're becoming Ms. Trunchbull? 

Education 4 min read